MSA Formula Testing and Driver Development

Falcon Motorsport offer MSA Formula testing and driver development programs tailored to suit individual driver requirements. Whether it is just a single test day or a more structured development program, we will provide a full range of assessment tools to maximise the time on track. All our cars are fitted with data acquisition systems and DV cameras which are utilised along with on-track observations to get the very best performance from each driver. During off-track time our team of engineers and coach analyse the data with the driver and develop programs to suit his or her individual needs. Programs of set up changes are incorporated into the tests to give the driver a full understanding of car set up and it's impact on performance.

  • Full seat fitting prior to test along with briefings on data systems and test plans.
  • Unrestricted access to on-board data and DV camera footage including historical data.
  • One to one debrief sessions with driver coach and engineer.
  • Structured programs of set up changes to develop a better understanding of race car dynamics.
  • Individually tailored development programs to suit each driver's current needs